The BEST climate change vid I've seen


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Meltdown

I couldn't help thinking, as I giggled through my tears while watching Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown, that Scrat was just wonderful. For me he represents all those terrified businesspeople who are rushing around still desperately chasing the ever-disappearing buck, while all around them the world as we know it is accelerating away from us almost as quickly. I love also the contrast between Scrat's manic terror and the steady, thoughtful, effective activity of the other animals as they seek higher, drier ground. Of course, the absurd chasing of the buck (sorry, acorn) is also shown, only too dramatically, to be the CAUSE of the ecological disaster, when the ice shelf finally cracks. Please sit as many senior businesspeople and legislators as possible in front of this medley of Scrat clips and ask them to do these things: to ponder why they are so scared; to take a long, serious look at what their fear is doing to this miraculous Earth; and to ask themselves the question "for WHAT?" And when we feel uncomfortable with the squirrel's's terrified, clutching, self-obsessed, destructive behaviour, we may choose to reflect on the fact that, unlike the banker's buck, Scrat's acorns are at least edible.