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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time to Trim the Hedges?

I seem to recall that Abraham was called upon to sacrifice his first-born son Isaac but he and God sorted it all out and Isaac lived. It was close though. I hope we can negotiate our way through the next few years so that our children come through. However, things are not looking good at this stage.

If it's not enough that we're selling off the family silver to fund our oiled-up partying, it seems that now, as dusk settles over the old mansion, we're setting fire to the furniture and wrecking the Rembrandts as well.

Food, shelter, security, health and freedom from poverty are among the basics of life. All are threatened by our profligacy and denial.

As the confused and betrayed children look over the parapet of the smoking home, what do they see? They see Mummy and Daddy haggling with strange men in suits.

It was recently announced that investment bankers UBS had launched the world's first Global Warming Index. By means of this ingenious device, they suggest, purveyors of winter clothing or ice cream can hedge against climate-related damage to their profits.

Cool. But isn't this a little like taking out insurance on the life of a once-wealthy, sick but long-ignored aunt whose trust fund we've already drained? One might not be able to resist the temptation to forget to feed the old dear - or even to slip a little caustic soda into her morning muesli.

Surely, if I stand to gain from negative impacts on the world's climate, I'm doing myself a favour if I drive around all day in a gas-guzzler and start commuting by air to a job on a different continent? Perhaps I might start investing in coal-fired power stations - or even move out of fur coats and into selling Hummers.

There's a fortune to be made here - I can't see why we're not all piling in to make a killing.

But it's our kids we're killing.

Still, prospects were looking pretty dire for the poor little buggers anyway...

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